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After years of developing expertise in Jewelry, Design and Art; Designer Regina Rose Blanchard used her specialty in crafting accessories and created Skyla Rose Jewelry;named after her first born daughter and highlighted inspiration! 

Most known for the Skyla Rose Stone Collection; Regina unites design talent with her fathers 'rock hound' knowledge of stones to create one-of-a-kind accessories.  The stones from this collection are of distinct rarity, hand found, and polished by a long process of tumbling.  Rocks and stones cannot be reproduced, found or bought from any other person(s) aside selected Skyla Roseretailers. Jewelry and Accessories from the Skyla Rose Stone Collection have been hand tailored to many high profile entertainers and stylist in virtue of their individuality. Skyla Roselets you shop your own stone selection, place custom orders, and provides options on pieces complete and available today. 

In addition to the Stone Collection you will find many pieces without stones.  Classic Collection Rings and Bracelets, offer variety with simplistic designs that never go out of style. Fullfill your desire for something exclusive with our extraordinary Handmade Necklaces or Handmade Bracelets.  Our Necklace Setsare perfect for any individual looking to match bracelets or, earrings to a stunning center piece. 

Skyla Rosewas created to provide unique jewelry and accessory products to individuals who care for quality and style.  Striving to make a difference... it is our goal to provide the best service possible by seeking satisfaction from our clients. 

We encourage any recommendations, questions or, comments regarding our products. For wholesale rates, lead time and order related questions; please contact us.

Your support and interest in Skyla Roseis appreciated.  Thank you!



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